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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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american casinos can follow suit. one of the diners we spoke with doesn't agree with the ban. >> it's too bad that these things have developed into this type of situation, because prior to everyone getting concerned about it and becoming involved, this was served for a very long time and enjoined by a lot of people. >> reporter: now, the ban went into effect on july 1. some supporters are calling the restaurant's use of the ingredient as nothing more than a publicity stunt. joining me live now is dana, with the animal protection rescue league. thank you for joining us. what is your goal here today? >> so we're here to educate the public that the presidio social club is continuing to serve foie gras.
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it can be enforced in federal enclaves like the presidio. >> and you were also told that you -- where your protesters can stand is not in the way of traffic is. that a problem? >> no. the police indicated that there was a free speech zone where we needed to stand. but that's not correct. as long as we're not blocking traffic or blocking the sidewalks, we're free to stand where we like within our first amendment rights. >> reporter: so you were told you should be across the street? >> correct. and we quickly corrected that statement and the police confirmed we can stand where we like as long as we're not blocking the sidewalk. >> reporter: how long do you plan on being out here? >> a couple hours. >> reporter: after tonight? >> we'll see. the california foie gras ban is working. virtually all the restaurants in the state that were serving it prior to july 1 have since
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stopped doing it. there are just a few small defiant childish chefs continuing to serve it. so our goal is to get them to stop and comply with the law. >> reporter: thank you for joining us, dana. now, there does seem to be a growing police presence. we have the united states park police present here. so we're going to keep an eye on things out here. i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. a bay area flight attendant was honored today for her heroic act during the september 11 terrorist attacks. hundreds of people gathered for the reopening of the betty ann ong recreation center. the center was completely rebuilt, undergoing a $20 million renovation project, and the mayor says today is a celebration.
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>> it's the celebration of our community, but it's also the reason why we all agreed to name this betty ann ong rec center was because it is part of the history of a hero coming from chinatown san francisco. >> ong was a flight attendant on board one of those planes that crashed into the world trade center on september 11. she was reportedly the very first person who contact airline officials during the hijacking. after a violent week in oakland, volunteers from people's community medics took matters into their own hands today. the group was stationed at a park near 73rd avenue in east oakland to provide free emergency first aid training to community members. the lesson focused on treating gunshot wounds and seizure. that said, few people took advantage of today's training, which organizers believe could
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save some lives. >> we have been seeing a lot of our people dying from gunshot wounds or bleeding trauma, and we just have been trying to figure out a way -- we've been heart broken but trying to figure out a way to address these issues and to be able to save lives at the same time. >> in the past week, police in oakland have responded to seven killings. the chief has said he has a plan to restructure his department to put more officers on the streets. dozens of emergency responders and volunteers gathered at a nursing facility in morgan hill today. this was a simulated disaster for training purposes. and as part of the drill, the roof of the pacific hills nursing facility collapsed under heavy rain, that was the theory. and there were very limited 9/11 resources. the exercise was the final step in putting a preparedness plan into action. >> there's also exercises that
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don't involve coming out to the scene and setting up a scenario. but a table top exercise where they practice within a room to develop their plan. so this is the final part of the plan development where you rehearse and practice everything. >> the volunteers were a mix of people who live in morgan hill and medical volunteers who have had some trauma training. some people on the uc berkeley campus are mourning the death of a professor there who was killed while riding his bicycle and crashed with a dump truck. police say the crash happened before 4:00 p.m. yesterday west of fulton street. he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. benton was a professor of psychology and education at hebrew university in israel and he frequently lectured at uc berkeley and conducted research there. earlier this year, he was awarded the israel prize for
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psychology. firefighters are starting to get a handle on that wildfire that's burning, it's about 20% contained now. it's threatened many homes. state fire leaders say nearly 2,000 firefighters are now on the scene and while cooler weather helped somewhat today, the wind picked up, fanning the flames. the fires burned about two square miles and the cause is still under investigation. coming up next at 6:00, a summertime dilemma. one bay area county is seeing an increase in rattlesnake bites. and the volunteers have been searching for sierra. we'll show you what they want parents to do in a live report. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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that's sixty second, for crying out loud! we know how long a minute is. [ sighs ] sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability, and ways to connect. rethink possible. monday will mark for months since sierra lemar disappeared. despite an arrest in the case, volunteers continue to search for any sign of her and held a special informational program, as well. kimberly terry has a look at what volunteers say every parent should do. kimberly? >> reporter: diane, those volunteers and sierra lamar's family is hoping to prevent other families from having to go through what they have. class kids provided a confidence that allows children to have their children fingerprinted and photographed just in case
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they're abducted. this information could help law enforcement. sierra lemar's dad says he was happy to see more than 100 kids come through today and says he wishes he had thought to do this with his own daughter. the 15-year-old was last seen march 15. the fingerprinting and photographs are one way to get parents and kids talking about prevention. they say no one ever thinks someone in their family will be kidnapped but should talk about it, just in case. >> here's the thing. everybody thinks that they're immune. but my daughter wasn't immune, ed smart's daughter was not immune. steve and marlene's daughter was not immune, and they all came from a variety of different environments. i think that the overarching message there is that all kids really are children at risk.
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>> it could happen, you know, you pray it doesn't. but it could happen. i never thought i would be in this position. >> 21-year-old garcia torres has been charged with kidnapping and killing sierra. he has not entered a plea and is expected back in court at the end of the month. sierra's family continues to hold out hope she will be found. searches for her continue every wednesday and saturday. live in morgan hill, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you. still to come at 6:00, a story that could make you squirm. the bay area seeing a huge increase in rattlesnake biting. we'll explain what's going on. >> good evening, from the nbc bay area weather center. we're talking and winds that have been strong, but they are beginning to subside. in fact, today's winds got up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. tomorrow, a little bit warmer as the winds subside.
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so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. the london olympics are less than two weeks away. the athletes are getting ready and so are the security forces. we have a look at the challenges to try to keep london safe. >> reporter: if you read the british papers, olympic crisis, barmy. london has got a serious case of preshow nerves. >> this is a chaos. >> reporter: the company supplying more than 10,000 security guards has admitted it might not be able to meet its
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target. >> absolutely no shock. >> reporter: the government's answer? send in the troops, another 3,500. it's not just boots on the ground. the boil's navy biggest ship, missiles on apartment blocks and the city's air space now under military control. >> this is all preparatory to making it clear to the mischievous out there, and possibly the genuine terrorists that the game also be secure and that they won't get near. >> reporter: remember that rain during the queen's jubilee celebration? well, it pretty much hasn't stopped since then. it's making londoners gloomy, but then we do like to grumble. >> i any there is a tremendous can-do spirit in britain. when the ceremony starts, we've got to put on the greatest show on earth and do well. >> the countdown continues. we are just 13 days from the opening ceremony. nbc bay area is the official olympic station, so stay right
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here with us, where you can catch all the olympics and on for information on all the bay area athletes right now, as well. a solar storm is making its way towards earth tonight. the solar storm originated from a massive solar flare on thursday that included an eruption on the sun, so i'm told. this is provided by nasa. officials say it sent a wave of energy toward the earth expected to arrive today or tonight. scientists say lit be minor, but may impact radio, gps signals and cause blackouts. with all that said, i want to ask anthony slaughter, can we see it? when might it hit? >> i'm sorry, what was that? i think it's happening right now. >> radio communication. >> space weather is a little different than earth weather. yeah, there's annual thing called space weather. the solar flares affect those
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technological things such as remote controls. today, beautiful conditions across the board. 76 in santa rosa this afternoon. 80 over in concord. only 68 in santa cruz. right now at 67. along the beachside, it's 61 in san francisco. 70 in santa rosa, 71 in san jose. so sunshine across the board, but look at this fog. very impressive fog bank offshore down towards santa cruz and slid in across watsonville. gilroy was only at 77 today for a high. and it's typically one of the warmer spots. so we have this fog that just won't let up, and we have this trough digging in, you can see with the motion of those storms moving off to the north and east and the clouds digging in across the coast. so that means tomorrow morning, we're going to be looking at fog and drizzle at the coast. by the afternoon hours, we break out in some sunshine.
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in fact, it's going to warm nicely. it's all about the roller coaster this week. area of low pressure slides in, moving out fairly quickly. tomorrow afternoon, as i mentioned, areas that got back to near 80 today will be about 5 to 8 degrees warmer. so mid 80s inland, close to 70 degrees in san francisco and oakland. but at the coast, bodega bay, half moon bay, only the lower 60s tomorrow because of the fog. you'll notice tomorrow morning, right around 7:00, the fog is right offshore. areas of fog inland, but not as thick as it was this morning. tomorrow afternoon, we break out with sunshine. on monday, with that reinforcing trough, it looks like we're going to be talking about cooler weather for monday. we've been telling you about the heat and the storms across the u.s. there is a hurricane churning across the pacific and a very strong one with 105-mile-per-hour sustained
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winds. this is going to make a v-line towards southern california, but on thursday, the winds drop down to 25 miles per hour. so even though we're not talking about a major hurricane making landfall, this could be some much-needed rainfall for the desert southwest. so 50 to start the day tomorrow in santa rosa. tomorrow, a little warmer. 83 in san jose. 89 in morgan hills. those will be the warm spots. even san francisco and oakland, back to 70 degrees tomorrow. so not too bad to finish out the weekend. as you look at the seven-day forecast, things cool quite a bit. tomorrow, places like concord, livermore, in the mid 80s. even at the coast on monday, places like bodega bay, over towards half moon bay are going to struggle to get to near 60. it's all about the roller coaster. don't see any much-needed rain, but i don't think we're
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complaining too much. >> not at all. i like it. thank you, anthony. we'll be right back.
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experts are delivering a warning to people in the bay area. the summertime heat is bringing out the rattlesnakes and with that, more bites. in fact, bites are up almost 50% this year in california compared to last. the rattlers have bitten six people in three months in santa clara county, compared to just one last year. this year's dry spring caused the snakes to search further for food, and one of the bites this year, get this, was a man who thought he had killed the snake, picked up the decapitated head and the snake bit him. so fair warning. we're seeing them more because we build and play where they live. >> the venom is a type of poison that gets injected and causes a lot of pain, a lot of swelling, can cause blood clotting
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problems and potentially shock and even death. >> rattlesnakes come out of hibernation in april. they attack if they're surprised have to defend themselves. yikes! let's bring in mindy bach for a look at sports. >> i'm shocked that t ed thaed strike after dead. the raiders make a deal with their all-pro safety. and yes, we're go out to sin city for a glimpse into the promising future of the warriors, next.
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nfl teams have until monday to sign their franchise players to a long-term deal. if not, they can't negotiate a contract until after the season. and there is incentive for the raiders to get a deal done with tyvon branch. they have reportedly agreed to a four-year, $26. 6 million contract. signing branch to a long-term deal frees up salary cap. they have to sign two of their draft picks. no official word on the deal from the team or branch's agent. to las vegas, where the future of the warriors are taking on the future of the nuggets. jerry west on hand, as well as david lee.
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he was so excited to be there. clay thompson, not a rookie, starts the game with a nice three. moments later, he's going to drain another one. thompson scores the first six points for golden state. then harrison barnes gets the steal and finishes oh, so nicely. still in the first quarter, charles jenkins with the drive and the nice lay-in. that puts golden state up by five. in the second quarter, green with the long ball. this game now tied at 27-27. in the third, barnes, well, he gets the ball ahead of traffic and that pulls to golden state within three. later in the third, barnes gets the steal. warriors win big, 95-74. and it seems the price for insanity is set. jeremy lin has signed an offer sheet for houston, three years for more than $25 million. he's a restricted free agent and the new york knicks have three
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days to match the deal once they officially receive it. and the a's are one of the most entertaining teams in major league baseball to watch right now. they can strike out 15 times against one pitcher. they did so last night, and still find a way to win. jonny gomes' grand slam gave the a's the win and put them one game over .500 for the first time since may 21. game two against the twins, with two out, the do you believe here and josh redick was on base and scores. then two batters later, still two out, chris carter, the monster shot to left. that's his fourth of the year. huge for him. that gives the a's a 4-0 lead. with one on, one out, getting in on the act. a two-run home run. smith, moss also had home runs in this game as the a's currently lead 8-2. bastille day made more exciting in the 13th stage of
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the tour de france. bradley wiggins retains the overall lead and still has the yellow jersey. stage 14, a 119-mile trek with two rather big climbs. semifinals. cocoa vanderway. the american forehand was very strong. two early breaks, handing the 20-year-old opening set 6-2. this one gets pushed into a third set. but vanderway just too long, winning through her first wta tour semifinals, 6-2, 3-6, 6-2. if you haven't exercised in a long time, this weekend's fit expo has more than enough ideas to get you going. there are hundreds of experts and exhibits at the convention center in michael jackson.
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he started an anti-bullying organization to help kids. so a great place to be. of course, tim lincecum making his first post all-star start and he needs to regain his form. the giants need him to do well. they're thinking about skipping him in the rotation right now. diane, we'll bring you highlights tonight at 11:00. we wish tim lincecum well. it's been a strange season to see him struggle like he has. >> not fun at all. that video at the end with the guy exercising, he's putting up this big thing. that is not my kind of exercising, just to be clear. >> i guess that expo is for all different kinds of exercises. >> i get it. i'm just not at that level. thanks, mindi. good night. see you at 11:00. coming up next on "tech now," all about technology at the summer olympics. from social networking, to using
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technology that helps our athletes get in top shape. we'll review the video games coming out just in time for the olympics. and show you how space technology is even helping our athletes heal faster. from the tech museum of innovation in the heart of silicone valley, i'm scott budman. this is "tech now." ♪ the world is about to focus on london, england. that's where the summer olympic games will be staged, home to not only the best in the world when it comes to athletics, but also the best in the world when it comes to technology. thanks for watching. we are devoting this week's show to technology and the summer olympics. with the games about to kick off, we found several ways athletes are using technology to better compete. like this.


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